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Friday, December 15, 2017

We're on the Friggin' Radio Tomorrow! Wed., March 14, on U.K. Fylde Coast Radio Kelly's Heroes show, Steve Kelly will spin "Doublecrosses" off our third album Far Out Close Up!

We'd love it if you treat yourself to a listen in your Time Zone:
9pm GMT
5pm EST
4pm CST
2pm PST

Thank you, Steve! It's an honor!

Fylde Coast Radio calls itself "Radio for Adults." Presenter Steve Kelly emphasizes supporting up and coming bands, and showcasing their talent. Kelly's Heroes at Fylde Coast Radio features one of the most extensive weekly radio playlists in the world, featuring some of the best up and coming acts on the planet.


Monty Warren & the Friggin Whatevers
Producers: Monty Warren & Chris Taylor
Location: West Palm Beach, FL/Raleigh, NC
Recording Studios: Embassy (West Palm Beach, FL) 
Laundry Room (Coral Springs, FL)
Genre: Straight ahead roots rock with a heartfelt & ironic chewy center. 
Inspired by The Kinks, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Paul Westerberg, et al.
Recognition: All albums named to Palm Beach Post Best Music Lists

Far Out Close Up (2015)
Fave Music List 2015— Palm Beach Post
Let's Go to Therapy (2012)     
Best Roots Rock CD— Palm Beach Post
Trailer Park Angel (2008)   
Best Florida Band Roots Music CD— Palm Beach Post

"Ever wonder what Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Paul Westerberg and Steve Jordan would sound like in a band together? Listen to Monty Warren & the Friggin Whatevers..."—The Palm Beach Post

"Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers lay down the Retro-Rock Law..."—Country Standard Time


"From gritty foot-stompers to jangly roots and blues belters to acoustic melancholy, Warren brims with a rare and raw musical sincerity."—Vex Magazine, Calgary, CANADA

"Retroactively bridges the gap between '70s pub rock/power pop and the arrivals of Tom Petty, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello…effortlessly enjoyable, a virtue without expiration."—Indy Week

"Old-school, Beatles-Stones-Dylan-Band-Dead-Prince-inspired, psychedelic-white soul-funky roots earnest, lyrical, raunchy or grandiose as their songs—and maybe lives—require."Jazz Beyond Jazz (Arts Journal Blog

BIO: Instead of heading for L.A. in the '70s, in pursuit of a record deal, Monty Warren put his rock 'n' roll dreams on hold to support his mother for 20 years until she passed away. Then, in 2007, Warren played a demo for Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team (Battleship Chains, I Love You Period), and they offered to help him make a record. And the rest, as they say, is Friggin Whatevers history.

Booking Contact: Monty Warren

Publicist: Marlan Warren

Monday, December 11, 2017

Join Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers at Swampgrass Willy's Dec. 30 at 9pm!

Dec. 30 @9 pm
Swampgrass Willy's
Promenade Shopping Plaza
9910 ALT A1A, Suite 711
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: (561) 625-1555

Check out
Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers Website

F.U. 2017 Party! Join Roots Rockers Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers as they get ready to kick this stinkin' year out the door with rip-your-heart rock and roll. 

Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers retroactively bridges the gap between '70s pub rock/power pop and the arrivals of Tom Petty, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello…effortlessly enjoyable, a virtue without expiration.--Indy Week

How was it having MWFW Collaborator Phil Wolff from Spain last month? Friggin' Fantastic!

Swampgrass Willy's in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. will never be the same!

Phil Wolff, visiting rocker from Spain, joined Monty and the Whatevers to bring the house down with original tunes off the MWFW albums, including Hey Junkman! which Phil sings with Monty on the album Far Out Close Up (2016). Phil was in town to collaborate with Monty on their 2018 album: Two Badasses. 

The bittersweet show included a tribute to Tom Petty with heartfelt covers.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Interview with Monty Warren re Tom Petty: "As if he was my older, cooler, wiser, protective brother."

Phil Wolff (LC) and Monty Warren (RC), Spain 2017
Photo: Paloma Moreno Vega

Phil Wolff [Photo by Nancy DeSaram]
For many of us, news of Tom Petty's demise Oct. 2 came as a shock. For South Florida musician, Monty Warren, it came on the heels of his return to the U.S. from Spain with roots rocker Phil Wolff in tow for the second leg of their 2017 We Don't Need No Stinkin' Sleep Tour. Last month, Monty (frontman for Monty Warren and the Friggin' Whatevers) kicked off the tour in Mallorca, playing with Phil's We R Comin' band. The heartbreaking news of Petty's passing has hit them so hard, they've decided to dedicate their next two shows to the South Florida native in gratitude for his music and influence. They will play Friday, Oct. 20 (8:30pm) and Saturday, Oct. 21 (9 p.m.) at Swampgrass Willy's and Alligator Alley Native Florida Tap Room & Gastro Pub, respectively.

"Tom Petty was too young to die," said the German-born Wolff who has been performing and writing his own tunes since he was in his teens. "But I'm sure his music will live on forever, and his musical talent and his passion for Rock and Roll that inspired so many musicians will never die."

Currently, Warren and Wolff are busy recording a new collaborative album, tentatively entitled Two Badasses. This is their first collaboration, although Wolff was featured on MWFW's last album, Far Out Close Up, singing "Hey, Junkman!" with Warren.

"I'm happy and blessed to have the opportunity to be able to do right now what I love most and to work with Monty," said Wolff. "Some songs come from Monty and other ideas from my side, but they will all be Warren/Wolff compositions."

The past few years, MWFW has performed "birthday shows" annually to celebrate the birthdays of Monty (Oct. 19), Tom Petty (Oct. 20) and Chuck Berry (Oct. 18). But this time around, Warren said: "Losing Tom feels like losing a brother, so this time we'll focus on how much he's meant to us."

Interview with Monty Warren
 Remembering Tom Petty
 "I shudder to think what life would have been like without that soundtrack"

A badass stays true to themselves always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.—Urban Dictionary

Q: Do you remember the first time you were conscious of Tom Petty's influence on your music?
Warren: In 1979, when I formed my first band in Atlanta, I only knew Petty's work from "Breakdown," which you could not avoid hearing on FM radio at the time. Our band's lead singer (Alan Venable) not only turned me on to Tom Petty—who at that point had just released his masterpiece album Damn the Torpedoes—but he essentially taught me how to structure rock songs in a similar fashion to Tom's. Because we were going to cover Petty's "Shadow of a Doubt," "Too Much Ain't Enough," and "I Need to Know," I had to learn those songs off the albums. As soon as I dove into Petty's first three LPs (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, You're Gonna Get It, and Damn the Torpedoes)...I was hooked.

Sunday, February 19, 2017